There are various factors that affect heart health, such as vasodilation. Learn about the relationship between vasodilation and heart health.

To know if vasodilation is good or bad for the heart, first we need to know what exactly is vasodilation. In simple terms, it is the widening of blood vessels that naturally occurs when the body needs more blood flow.

While it is mostly a normal, healthy process, it can also be connected to certain health conditions. The following gives an overview of vasodilation and how it relates to your heart health.

Vasodilation Explained

As mentioned before, vasodilation is the widening and relaxing of the body’s blood vessels. The blood vessels open more when the smooth muscles of large veins and arterial walls relax, resulting in better circulation.

Furthermore, this increase in blood flow results in lower blood pressure levels as well. While the process is normal and natural, people with poor circulation may need to take medicine to experience it.

Vasodilation Drugs

vasodilation and heart health

As it happens with just about every type of deficiency, people with poor circulation may need to take vasodilator drugs. These medications can act directly on the smooth muscles in arterial walls or even interact with the nervous system to improve vasodilation naturally.

One of the biggest benefits of these drugs is their ability to lower blood pressure, which is essential for those with hypertension. As such, doctors often prescribe these medicines for people who suffer from heart problems and blood pressure conditions.

However, it’s important to follow the instructions and recommended dosages, as some can have side effects like arrhythmia or flushing. These medications are often strong and should not be taken lightly.

Not every vasodilator drug is part of a hypertension treatment, as it’s the case with Viagra. Like many others, Viagra promotes blood flow in men with erectile dysfunction by interacting with biological pathways necessary for vasodilation.

While Viagra mainly focuses on erectile dysfunction, it can also be part of a hypertension treatment plan.

Hypotension and Vasodilation

When people experience high blood pressure, they are experiencing hypertension. On the other hand, when someone’s blood pressure drops too low, they experience hypotension.

Since vasodilation involves the widening of the blood vessels and an increase in circulation, blood pressure levels naturally drop. However, in certain cases, blood pressure levels may drop too much and result in hypotension.

While some people may experience no side effects during hypotension, others can feel a variety of symptoms. These symptoms include nausea, dizziness, and fainting, while extreme hypotension can even be life threatening.

There are several conditions that can cause hypotension such as blood loss, severe infections, allergic reactions, and dehydration. Moreover, certain medications can also cause hypotension, especially if the dosage recommendations are ignored.

If you’re taking blood pressure medicine, inform your doctor before adding any circulation supplements or additional medicine to your routine.

Vasodilation Supplements

Supplements that help promote vasodilation in the body are known as circulation supplements. They usually contain a variety of ingredients that promote blood flow in one way or another.

When searching for the best product, look at the ingredients and see how effective they are at improving circulation. One supplement that excels at promoting healthy circulation is HeartBeet Complete.

It contains a “complete” formula of ingredients that promote healthier circulation such as l-arginine, CoQ10, turmeric, and beetroot powder. These ingredients work together to increase production of nitric oxide, a natural vasodilator.

Moreover, studies show that beets are great at promoting circulation due to their nitrate content, which converts to nitric oxide once inside the body. If you want to promote vasodilation in your body, HeartBeet Complete is a supplement that can effectively and safely help improve heart health.

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