If you like to go for a swim every once in a while, then you’ll be happy to hear how it can benefit your health. Here is how swimming can help your joints.

Due to the lower impact swimming has on your joints, it can be a great activity for exercise, pain management, and arthritis management. Keep reading to find out how swimming can help your joints as well as your heart health.

Swimming and Your Heart

How Swimming Can Help Your Joints

According to Dr. Erik Van Iterson, Ph.D., MS, Director of Cardiac Rehabilitation, swimming can be a good exercise for cardiac rehabilitation. In fact, it can be well-tolerated by those recovering from heart failure or coronary artery disease. “Swimming uses multiple body parts with more emphasis on the upper body,” he says.

Exercise for Non-Exercisers

In addition to heart health, swimming can be beneficial for those with arthritis and those who are new to exercise. In contrast to using a treadmill or bicycling, swimming can give you the same benefits with less of a toll on your joints. “It doesn’t just have to be swimming,” says Dr. Van Iterson. “You can take a water aerobics class or water walking in both shallow and deep water.”

Making Gradual Changes

While more exercise typically results in more rewards, it’s okay to start small and gradually increase your efforts – especially after a cardiac event. “Even if you’re just a little bit more active, it all helps your heart.”, says Dr. Van Iterson. You should also visit your local cardiac rehabilitation center to get a proper risk assessment and get an individualized treatment plan.

Water Activities

If you want to try other water activities besides swimming, there are two major ones you can do to benefit your heart and joints: walking and aerobics. To do water walking, simply stand in an area where the water reaches up to your waist. Then, simply walk across the pool while swinging your arms and maintaining a straight back.

As you gradually increase your endurance and strength, you can wear hand webs, which are gloves that act like water weights. Furthermore, you can go into deeper water if you’re comfortable. 

As for water aerobics, you can sign up for a class at your health facility or local gym. In addition to getting some low-impact exercise, you can make friends and improve your social life as well. Just be aware that some places may have restrictions due to the pandemic.

The Outlook

joint health support

If you have arthritis or joint pain and are looking for exercises that are easy on the joints, then swimming and water activities are the way to go. Not only will they have a lower impact on your joints, but they will provide some necessary heart benefits to your life.

In addition to swimming, you can give a boost to your joint health by taking supplements like Joint Health Support. Its ingredients help fortify cartilage, reduce inflammation and swelling, lubricate joints, and increase joint gaps (for less rubbing). Give your joints and heart the support they deserve by going out for a swim and taking Joint Health Support.

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