There may be a connection between your cognitive health and your heart. Learn about the link between heart health and Alzheimer’s.

As you get older, you start experiencing various health issues, most notably musculoskeletal health problems. In addition to dealing with joint and muscle issues, you may have to face heart disease and Alzheimer’s.

While there is a substantial amount of research in regards to these two diseases, they have often been treated as completely separate problems. However, recent findings suggest there may be a link between heart disease and brain issues that can lead to Alzheimer’s. The following is an overview of heart and brain health and how they’re connected.

Heart Disease and Dementia

Link Between Heart Health and Alzheimer’s

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the leading cause of death in the U.S. is heart disease. In fact, heart disease is responsible for approximately 25% of all annual deaths in the country. Furthermore, it also results in a high financial cost, with health care costs and lost productivity costing almost $220 billion between 2014 and 2015.

On the other hand, over 6 million U.S. adults ages 65 and older may suffer from dementia as a result of Alzheimer’s disease. In other words, about 11.3% of the total population in the country is estimated to have dementia.

The Connection

One of the main diseases that can lead to heart disease is atherosclerosis, which hardens and narrows the major arteries. Atherosclerosis affects up to 60% of adults ages 55 and over. In addition to affecting the arteries that lead to the heart, the condition affects those that supply the brain with blood.

As these brain arteries become more narrow, their ability to circulate blood decreases, affecting brain activity and possibly inducing changes that lead to dementia. Since these changes happen later in life, it may explain the prevalence of Alzheimer’s in people ages 75 and older.

In one study, researchers used mice with a genetic predisposition toward heart disease and Alzheimer’s to observe the connection. Among other conclusions, the researchers found that there was less blood flow to the brain once the mice began showing signs of Alzheimer’s.

The Outlook

While more research is necessary, there may be a connection between poor circulation, cardiovascular disease, and Alzheimer’s. Regardless of the connection, you should prioritize your overall health by leading a healthy lifestyle if you want to age healthily.

Start exercising regularly, eating a healthy diet, managing your stress, and taking supplements like Omega-3 Fish Oil. It combines EPA and DHA to maximize your heart and brain health while promoting your overall health. Give your health the support it deserves by practicing healthy habits and taking Omega-3 Fish Oil.

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