Improving cardiovascular health doesn’t have to be guesswork. If you want to keep your heart healthy, follow these guidelines and tips.

Heart disease is the leading cause of death in the U.S. – but there are things you can do to improve your health. Through a combination of these healthy lifestyle choices and avoiding harmful habits, you can make a difference in your life.

Eat Heart Healthy Foods

improving cardiovascular health

By eating healthy foods full of nutrients, you will strengthen your heart over a period of days, weeks, and months. Start by consuming more wholegrain cereal, fruits, and vegetables, as these will lower the risk of heart disease. Furthermore, eat more healthy fats (omega-3 and omega-6) and swap out the salt in your diet with herbs and spices.

Become Physically Active

Exercising regularly is a great way to control heart disease risk factors such as hypertension, high cholesterol, and being overweight. If you have trouble getting started, try doing activities you enjoy and setting realistic goals (ex: brisk walking vs. running). The Heart Foundation provides a great guide for implementing walking into your personal plans.

Quit Smoking

Smoking can damage your blood vessels, which ultimately hurt your heart, brain, and other areas of your body. If you smoke and are having trouble quitting, realize that it takes persistence and you can reach out for support. Moreover, the heart benefits of quitting are felt almost immediately, so make a plan to quit now instead of later.

Lower your Cholesterol Levels

LDL cholesterol (the “bad” type) can stick to your arterial walls and cause plaque (cholesterol buildup), blocking your arteries. To lower cholesterol, it’s important to eat fresh foods as your main dietary source and avoid saturated and trans fat. Furthermore, you should know your cholesterol levels, talk to your doctor, and take prescription medicines as directed.

Control your Blood Pressure

High blood pressure (hypertension) is one of the leading factors in developing heart disease. Fortunately, you can get it under control by regularly exercising (especially aerobic exercises) and minimizing your salt intake. In addition, you should know your numbers and discuss them with your doctor in case you need to take medications.

Visit your Doctor

If you haven’t done so already, talk to your doctor about your heart disease risk factors and get checked out. Doctors can take your risk factors and figure out the likelihood of you experiencing a heart attack or stroke. Finally, they can give you the necessary advice and help you come up with a plan for improving cardiovascular health.

The Outlook

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Staying on top of your heart health is not that difficult but it does require commitment. By following these tips, you can start improving your heart health and lowering your risk of heart disease.

In addition, you can take heart supplements like L-arginine Plus to help you boost your health on a daily basis. Try L-arginine Plus along with healthy lifestyle choices if you want to give your heart the support it needs.

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