As you get older, it’s likelier that you’ll experience joint pain and inflammation. Learn how to protect your joints by following these simple tips.

While medical professionals can help you manage your arthritis and joint pain, you’re responsible for the day-to-day work. Fortunately, there are techniques you can put into practice that will help alleviate some of the pain. The following are some simple tips you can follow to protect your joints.

1. Move Around

How to Protect Your Joints

If you remain in one position for a long time (e.g.: sitting in your work chair), it can negatively affect your joints. Instead, make it a point to get up and stretch every 15 minutes if you’re working, reading, or watching television.

2. Reduce Joint Stress

When you make certain movements like opening a tight lid, you’re putting extra stress on your joints – especially if you have arthritis. To avoid this, find workarounds that will minimize the stress on your joints like getting a jar opener.

3. Use Your Strength

When you have to use your strength, use the strongest joints and muscles to your advantage. For example, you can push open heavy doors with the side of your arm or lead with your stronger leg when going up the stairs.

4. Make Plans

One of the best things you can do is to plan your life so that you don’t have to use your joints if you don’t have to. For instance, you can buy clothes that don’t need ironing, keep duplicate household items in several places, and make frequently used items easy to reach.

5. Help Yourself

There are various labor-saving items that can help cut down on the effort you have to put in. Some of these items include electric can openers, automatic toilet bowl cleaners, reaching aids, and more.

6. Modify Your Home

You can modify your home to help your needs in various ways like making sure your bed is at the right height for easy access. Moreover, you can use a bathing stool in the tub or shower if you have arthritis in your legs.

7. Get Help

By letting your friends and family know about your arthritis and how they can help, you can receive help in areas that you can’t take care of on your own. Also, make sure to ask for help in getting specific tasks done.

The Outlook

joint health support

Living with arthritis doesn’t have to be full of pain. By following these tips, you can make it easier for your joint health. Furthermore, you can follow recommendations by the Harvard Medical School in a special health report called Living Well with Osteoarthritis.

In addition, you can take certain supplements like Joint Health Support to help boost your joint health. It can help promote fortified cartilage, reduced inflammation and swelling, lubricated joints, and joint gap increase (and less rubbing). Support your joint health by following these tips and taking Joint Health Support.

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