Heart disease is the leading cause of death worldwide. Learn how to recognize heart attack risk factors so you can do something about it.

There are various factors that lead to a heart attack – some which you can control and some which you can’t. While you can’t change your factors like your age, you can make adjustments in your diet and exercise habits. Nevertheless, you should know the factors that can lead to a heart attack so you can do something about it.

According to the American Heart Association, about 790,000 Americans have a heart attack per year. Moreover, 114,000 of those people will die, becoming part of the 800,000 annual deaths related to cardiovascular disease. By knowing the following factors, you can make the necessary changes in your life to decrease the risk.

Risk Factors You Can’t Control

heart attack risk factors

The three main factors you can’t control are age, gender, and genes – all of which can contribute to heart disease. While you may not be able to change these, it’s important to be aware of when you are most vulnerable.

For example, risk increases for men at age 45 and women at age 55, with most heart attack deaths occurring past age 65. Furthermore, men are likelier to have a heart attack while women are likelier to experience subtler heart attack symptoms. Finally, if you have a parent or sibling with heart disease at age 55 (men) or 65 (women), talk to a doctor about your risk.

Risk Factors You Can Control

These factors include lifestyle habits and diseases that can be prevented if you lead a healthy life. For example, high cholesterol can lead to heart disease by blocking circulation through arterial plaque buildup. However, if you make the right lifestyle changes you can decrease your bad cholesterol and boost your good cholesterol.

Healthy eating is also essential in preventing heart disease, while a diet full of red meat and sugar increases risk. Limit your alcohol consumption to one drink per day (women) or two (men), as it can amplify cardiac health risks. Also, manage your blood pressure levels, as high blood pressure can cause damage to your arteries and heart over time.

If you have diabetes, your risk of coronary heart disease is doubled due to plaque buildup in the arteries. In addition, smoking increases the risk of heart attacks by two to three times, so avoid it or quit.

Finally, it’s important to manage your physical activity, weight, and stress properly. Aim to get at least 150 minutes of exercise per week and lose weight until you reach your ideal weight. Also, practice meditation, deep breathing, and other techniques to help deal with chronic stress and anxiety.

The Outlook

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While you can’t control every factor, you have the power to change many of them. In addition, if you want to boost your heart health, consider taking supplements like L-arginine Plus.

It contains ingredients that promote nitric oxide, a natural compound that improves circulation and blood pressure. Try L-arginine Plus along with controlling your risk factors so you can effectively support your heart health.

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