The food you eat can have a great impact on your joint health. The following are some of the best foods to help with joint pain.

If you’re experiencing inflammation, stiffness, and pain in your joints, chances are that you’re taking medications to find some relief. While medicines are helpful, they’re not the only thing you can try. In fact, various studies show that consuming certain foods, spices, and supplements may offer additional help.

Mediterranean Diet

The Mediterranean Diet provides a variety of health benefits, including some that overlap with nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs). This diet emphasizes low-glycemic fruits, vegetables, legumes, and unsaturated fats along with moderate wild fish consumption and low dairy and red meat consumption. According to a 2015 study, there are correlations between plant-based diets and reduction in pain among adults with osteoarthritis.

Fish Oil

Foods to Help With Joint Pain

The omega-2 fatty acid content in fish oil seems to be particularly helpful when it comes to relieving inflammation and joint pain. Some natural sources of fish oil include wild salmon, trout, sardines, flaxseed, chia seeds, and organic soybeans.

“Just one serving of cold-water fish twice a week is enough,” says functional medicine dietitian Ariana Fiorita, RDN, LD, IFNCP. “Try a high-quality daily fish oil supplement in addition to consuming natural dietary sources.”

Cruciferous Vegetables

“In addition to other vegetables, you should try to eat a half cup of a cruciferous vegetable every day, such as broccoli, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts or kale,” says Fiorita. “These are all nutritional powerhouses, chock full of antioxidants, vitamins and fiber.”

According to research, cruciferous vegetables contain sulforaphane, an antioxidant compound that blocks an enzyme that causes joint pain. Moreover, it may help athletes who put a lot of pressure on their joints.

Herbs and Spices

When it comes to fighting inflammation, some of the most notable spices include turmeric and ginger. In addition to being a staple of Indian cuisine, turmeric is also used in traditional Asian medicine.

Some studies suggest there may be a link between turmeric and the prevention of rheumatoid arthritis and osteoporosis. To add turmeric and ginger to your diet, simply add it to smoothies, eggs, or sauces.

Green Tea

Studies suggest that green tea can cause changes in arthritis-related immune responses. Green tea contains polyphenolic compounds that possess anti-inflammatory properties. However, if you want to reduce your exposure to pesticides, make sure you choose organic green tea.

The Outlook

joint health support

If you’re currently taking medications for your joint pain, continue taking them but add these foods to your diet. Also, make sure you avoid foods that will trigger inflammation including sugar, refined grains, and omega-6 fatty acids.

In addition, you can take supplements like Joint Health Support to get turmeric and other anti-inflammatory ingredients in one convenient form. Its formula is efficient at promoting joint health, helping with inflammation, swelling, and more. If you’re ready to support your health, then try these foods and take Joint Health Support.

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