Some studies suggest that beets can help with blood pressure and athletic performance. Learn all about the benefits of beet supplements.

Beetroots are considered superfoods, mainly due to their ability to increase blood flow, reduce blood pressure, and improve athletic performance.

They are so beneficial that a variety of beetroot supplements are now available on the market.

These so-called circulation supplements aim to help people by providing the same benefits of natural beets in a convenient powder form.

Since beet supplements rely on the efficacy of beets, let’s explore the benefits associated with this nutritious vegetable.

Benefits of Beets

There is a wide range of health benefits associated with the beetroot.

It can help reduce blood pressure, improve digestion, and even lower the risk of diabetes.

Many of these benefits are linked to the high nitrate content found in beets.

Nitrate converts into nitric oxide once inside the body, which helps dilate blood vessels and improve circulation.

Improves Blood Pressure

According to a 2015 study, those with high blood pressure may see benefits from drinking beet juice daily.

Participants in the study drank 250 milliliters of beet juice a day and saw a significant decrease in their blood pressure levels.

Since hypertension (high blood pressure) is a significant factor in heart disease, beet may also help decrease the risk of heart failure and stroke.

Consuming vegetables with high nitrate content such as beets is a natural way to treat high blood pressure.

However, people who are currently taking prescription medicine for blood pressure should consult their doctor before adding beets to their diet.

beet supplementsPrevents Diabetes

One of the compounds found in beets is alpha-lipoic acid, which can help increase insulin sensitivity and lower glucose levels.

According to a 2019 review, oral and intravenous administration of supplements with alpha-lipoic acid had benefits for people with diabetes.

These supplements were able to decrease the symptoms of peripheral and autonomic neuropathy in those with diabetes.

However, the doses in the studies were much higher than those found in natural beetroot.

Healthier Digestion

One of the best ways to include fiber in your diet is through beets.

Fiber is essential when it comes to healthy digestion and beets have a good amount of it.

Just one cup of beets contains 3.81 grams of fiber, which provides more than 8.81% of a person’s daily fiber requirement.

Boost Athletic Performance

According to some studies, beet juice supplementation can increase the amount of oxygen delivered to muscles during workouts.

One 2019 study that focused on cyclists suggests that high doses of beet juice can even improve time trial results.

While more research is necessary, the potential that beet juice has on athletic performance is promising.

Should I Take Beet Supplements?

Whether you take beet supplements is up to you and your doctor.

Some may want to take them for health reasons while others may simply want an extra boost in their health.

If you decide to take them, find a comprehensive supplement that will help you get the best results in one single formula.

One of these supplements is HearBeet Complete.

Its formula contains l-arginine, l-citrullune, turmeric, CoQ10, and beetroot powder along with other vitamins and minerals.

By combining these five key ingredients, HeartBeet Complete helps support healthy blood pressure and circulation all in one form.

If you’re looking for a supplement that provides all the nutrients your heart needs, try HeartBeet Complete.

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