What is the best collagen protein

There are several collagen supplements in the market. To avoid any confusion, here’s what you need to look for when choosing a collagen protein supplement.

Before we continue, keep in mind that “hydrolyzed collagen”, “collagen peptides”, and “hydrolyzed collagen peptides” are the same thing.

These are five things you need to keep in mind when looking for what is the best collagen protein:

  • Clean ingredients
  • Comes from cows
  • Grass-fed source
  • Positive reviews
  • Proper dosage

Clean Ingredients

Brown cane sugar, coffee beans and vanilla pods

Look for the following attributes in your collagen supplements:

  • Gluten-free
  • Non-GMO
  • Kosher label (if you’re kosher)
  • Natural flavors
  • Organic powders
  • Healthy sweeteners (cocoa powder, vanilla bean extract, stevia, etc.)
  • Collagen as the sole ingredient (if you want the simple choice)

Avoid products that come with:

  • Sugar
  • Fillers
  • Artificial flavors

The reason you should avoid these products is that they have a negative effect on your gut microbiome.

Comes from Cows

The most researched and popular collagen is bovine collagen, with the next best being fish (marine) collagen.

Bovine collagen is rich in:

  • Type I collagen
  • Type III collagen
  • Type IV collagen

These collagens give people a broad spectrum of benefits. Fish collagen is rich in Type I collagen.

Avoid chicken collagen as there may be a risk of contamination.

Grass-fed Source

Brown cow on pasture in mountains

Collagen from grass-fed cows is nutritionally indistinguishable from grain-fed cow collagen.

However, some of the benefits of buying collagen sourced from grass-fed cows over grain-fed include:

  • Support for local farmers
  • Improves cow welfare
  • Sevres as a vote against factory farming
  • Helps prevent antibiotic resistances from spreading

Positive Reviews

When shopping online, look for reviews and what they say. If the products are below four stars, you should be suspicious.

The number of reviews, as well as the content of the review, also matter when deciding.

Proper Dosage

When looking at the product descriptions, keep an eye out on the quantity of collagen per serving.

The minimum effective dose, according to research, is 10 grams. While there is no lethal dose of collagen, it doesn’t you should overdo it.

A maximum of 50 grams of collagen daily should be fine if you need it.

Due to its non-immunogenic properties, chances of food intolerance and allergy are low.

Since most collagen comes from animal tissue, vegans and vegetarians should probably avoid using it.

Plant-derived collagen exists but its results are mixed.

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