Many people know about the health benefits of fish oil, but what about krill oil? Here are 3 amazing health benefits of krill oil.

While fish oil is pretty popular due to its omega-3 health benefits, there is an alternative supplement with the same benefits: krill oil. Krill are small crustaceans that usually serve as food for other sea creatures (penguins, whales, etc.).

These krill oil supplements contain two omega-3 fatty acids also available in fish oil: DHA and EPA. DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) and EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) serve important roles and may provide multiple health benefits.

Generally, if you eat the necessary amounts of seafood per week (8 ounces), you’ll get enough of these omega-3s. However, if you don’t eat enough seafood or are following a diet that avoids seafood, taking supplements is the next best thing.

One of the best parts about these supplements is that they are generally safe and side effects are rare. Regardless of how you get your omega-3 fatty acids, you can expect to experience the following health benefits from krill oil.

Fights Inflammation

The omega-3s available in krill oil have beneficial anti-inflammatory properties. Some studies show that it can reduce the production of molecules that cause inflammation.

Since it’s easier to absorb than other marine oil supplements, it may be more effective at fighting inflammation. In addition, krill oil contains astaxanthin, a pigment that has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects.

According to studies, 1,000 milligrams (mg) of krill oil may help reduce inflammation more than 2,000mg purified omega-3s. While only a few studies explore the effects of krill oil on inflammation, the results have potential.

Reduces Arthritis and Joint Pain

health benefits of krill oil

Since krill oil may be effective at reducing inflammation, it may also help alleviate arthritis and joint pain symptoms. Studies that suggest krill oil may reduce inflammation also show that it reduces stiffness and pain in those with arthritis.

A small study of 50 adults with mild knee pain shows that krill oil supplement may significantly reduce pain while sleeping or standing. Furthermore, studies on mice with arthritis also suggest potential as the results show a decrease in swelling and inflammatory cells.

Improves Heart Health

When it comes to omega-3s, DHA and EPA are especially helpful in improving heart health. According to research, krill oil may be effective at improving blood lipid levels.

Moreover, the supplements may be singularly effective at lowering blood fat levels like triglycerides. One study shows that krill oil is more effective at increasing the good type of cholesterol (HDL) than purified omega-3s.

Furthermore, krill oil may also be more effective at decreasing inflammation than purified omega-3 fatty acids. However, as far as lowering triglycerides, purified omega-3s prove to be more effective.

The Outlook

When it comes to experiencing the benefits of omega-3 fats, you don’t have to limit yourself to fish oil. Krill oil is a great alternative and may even provide benefits that are particular to these supplements.

Whether you take them for inflammation, joint pain, heart health, or more, it’s important to find the one that meets your needs. Element of Health Care’s Krill Oil helps with joint pain and inflammation in the gut, while increasing antioxidant levels.

Consider adding the supplement to your routine and start experiencing these benefits.

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