To boost your bodybuilding sessions, you may be taking certain pre-workouts. Learn about the different arginine uses in bodybuilding.

As a semi-essential amino acid, arginine (or l-arginine) works to improve your health in various ways. The body produces it on its own, but a supplement can deliver that extra amount that you’re looking for in your workouts. L-arginine is available on various food products including red meat, poultry, fish, nuts, seeds, and whole wheat. However, if you want to make a difference in your workouts, supplements contain the necessary amounts (even more than food).

The main function behind l-arginine is helping with protein synthesis, but it also helps with circulation and oxygen delivery. As a precursor to nitric oxide (a potent vasodilator), l-arginine helps to improve circulation for your entire body. During workouts, your muscles need all the oxygen and blood they can get to function effectively – and l-arginine can help. Moreover, these supplements also provide other benefits like lowering blood pressure and helping with erectile dysfunction.

Bodybuilding Benefits

arginine uses in bodybuilding

If you are looking to build your lean muscle and tone, l-arginine supplements may be able to help. Since they help with protein synthesis, they can help with muscle growth.

They have the ability to promote metabolism as well as the release of the growth hormone, helping with muscle mass increases. Moreover, through muscle growth promotion, l-arginine supplements can help improve your overall fitness and workouts.

In addition to helping with muscle growth, l-arginine helps with circulation and blood pressure. By increasing nitric oxide production, blood vessels can relax and circulation can improve. As a result, there can be a reduction in blood pressure, which is helpful for those with high blood pressure. Furthermore, this increase in blood flow and oxygen delivery will benefit your muscles during exercise.

How to Take L-arginine Supplements

When taking any type of supplement, consult your healthcare provider, especially if you have a medical condition. Moreover, it’s important to start small and increase how much you take gradually. For example, some bodybuilders will take between 2 and 30 grams of l-arginine per day.

However, to minimize the side effects, you should start with a small dosage of 2 g instead of jumping to 30 g. While these supplements are generally safe to take, they may cause certain side effects – especially if you take more than necessary. These side effects can include weakness, nausea, and diarrhea.

Choosing the Right Supplement

what is l-arginine plus

There are various l-arginine supplements available, so choosing the right type for you depends on your needs and their effectiveness. Look for supplements with good reviews and those that promote the benefits you need.

For example, L-arginine Plus is one of the most popular arginine supplements available due to its safety and effectiveness. Through its combination of l-arginine, l-citrulline, and key vitamins and minerals, it can promote circulation, energy, and more.

If you need a boost in your workouts and your overall health, try L-arginine Plus.

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